“Success is the continuous achievement of your own predetermined goals, stabilized by balance, and purified by belief.”

Are you successful but not quite fully satisfied?

Have you ever struggled with work-life balance?

Are there areas of your life where you feel unfulfilled?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it could be time to take control of your destiny and hire a coach.

Coaches are professionals who work with individual clients to help them achieve results and sustain life-changing behavior in their lives and careers.

The Formula


We work with individuals that are looking for some type of improved result. That improved result is organizational in nature or personal in nature. Many times, individuals are looking for improved results in both areas. Is there an improved result for which you’re striving? (this could be written at the right as IR).


We find improved results are developed through Positive Behavior Change or PBC.

Would you agree with me that … in order to change Results, we must change our Behaviors?  We’re not just talking about any change; it has to be a positive change.

So, how do we help people make sure behavior change is positive?


We do this through Goal setting. Would you agree that you have a better chance of achieving your improved result if you had goals that were directed towards that improved result? We work with you to set goals that are directed toward achieving your improved result.


When it comes to getting things done, you’ve got good skills and a base of knowledge, but sometimes Skills and Knowledge alone don’t always get us Improved Results, do they?

What’s missing?

Attitudes (the Want & Why to)

Let’s talk about Attitudes. How would you define Attitudes?

Would you agree that our Personalities are an outward expression of our inner Attitudes?

Can we think in terms of our Attitudes really being Habits of Thought? What drives these Habits?

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Many of our current attitudes are a function of our values and beliefs, which we developed when we were very young. Studies have shown that between the ages of 6 months and 5 years of age, we have developed many of our attitudes, which become conditioned responses. Much of our conditioning is a result of repeated exposure to negative statements from our childhood. In fact, approximately 77% of the input we received while we were young was negative leaving approximately 23% positive. Adults did this as a means of protection or keeping us safe.

Those attitudes were developed. While we can’t erase the negative, we can further develop the positive using a variety of techniques.

88%B f (c)

There’s another important component to this as well. During approximately 88% of our day, our behaviors are below the conscious level. We are on automatic pilot as a function of prior conditioning. We don’t typically have to think about tying our shoes, driving a car, or figuring out how we are going to get to work. We perform those tasks automatically.

Why is this so critical to understand? If you agree that we need to change our behaviors in order to achieve different results, and if you accept that 88% of the time we are operating below the conscious level, then we need to think differently at the subconscious level in order to have sustainable behavior change that leads to better results.

If we could show you a way to do achieve your improved result, would you like to talk more?

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